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What you need to know about Hurricane Glass

What is hurricane glass? For those living on the islands, the coasts of the United States or other areas of the country that may be prone to violent storms, impact-resistant glass can be one way to help protect you and your family from high winds. Read on to find out what hurricane glass is, what benefits it provides, and how to select it when replacing your windows to help protect your home or business from nature’s storms.

How is hurricane glass made?

Hurricane glass is made of two separate panes of glass. The panes are sealed together using a specially-designed interlayer in between the panes of glass. While the sheets of glass provide the usual cosmetic, insulation, and easy-cleaning functions that come with normal windows, the interlayer is what adds the extra strength and additional layer of protection.

How strong is hurricane glass?

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Using this combination of different materials, hurricane glass is made to resist high-velocity projectiles that result from high wind speeds and can threaten the safety of those struck by them. While the glass portion of the windows can shatter as the result of an impact, the interlayer will help keep the window intact. In essence, impact-resistant glass serves the same purpose as your car’s windshield — letting you get a clear view of what is ahead while also keeping you safe. On a practical level, products with hurricane glass are tested to withstand the equivalent of a 9 pound 2-by-4.

Hurricane protection


Beyond shattered windows, impact resistant glass can help protect the overall structural integrity of your home. By creating a protective barrier across the surface of the building, strong winds can be prevented from entering and wreaking havoc. Apart from shattered glass and destroyed furnishings, hurricane winds that enter the home can lift off the roof and then knock over walls. Investing in quality impact-resistant glass is a good option to help prepare your home for a hurricane.

Other benefits that come with the installation of new hurricane windows include improved protection against forced entry, as well as not having to spend extra money on storm shutters. Increased noise reduction and reduced ultraviolet transmission are other benefits worth mentioning, which will allow you to keep your preferred climate inside while reducing the unwanted noise.

What to look for

Getting improved hurricane window protection means having a clear idea of what you are looking for in your brand new windows. Make sure to check for the polymer interlayer between the glass panes, as this is an essential element that lends the windows their additional strength. Additionally, ensure that the glass you choose is best suited for your home, and designed to stand up to the threats that exist in your area. The best way to find out is to talk to window professionals.

Aside from the windows themselves, ensure that your installation is being handled by a professional window company, like us here at Hurricane Windows of Miami. Going with a respected and trusted name means getting an excellent product, but also an installation that will be reliable. We offer strong protection from flying debris – while increasing the safety, security, ultraviolet protection, noise control and energy efficiency of your home.

With over 10 years of experience in the field and around 1,700 satisfied customers, we ensure a great experience and only provide top quality products! All hurricane impact and proofing are installed to meet the requirements of your home and city guidelines.

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